Novation Bass Station II Remote Map and Codec for Reason


Following on from my previous MiniNova Remote map and Codec for Reason I have also made one for the Bass Station II!

This turns the Bass Station II into a pretty cool MIDI controller.

Controls Always Mapped.png

With this I’ve mapped the most used controls like Filter Frequency/Resonance and also Amp/Filter envelopes to Reasons main synth like Thor/Subtractor etc. I’ve also made the Osc Filter Mod the main Volume for these devices.

note: Most all of the Bass Station II’s controls are also mappable. 😉

You can even control the Faders in the Mixer section using the BS II’s envelope faders(very handy for quick mixing).

The included Remote Map is intended as a start for you set up and control your favourite Reason devices and Rack Extensions so please feel free to use it as you wish.

For details about Remote and where to put the files on your Mac/PC please visit Here

For the Bass Station II Remote Codec and Map click Here


And if you find a use for this and like it,  please feel free to leave a comment.







Propellerheads Figure released

Propellerheads Figure is now in the AppStore!!

From the press release:-

Figure for iOS is designed from the ground up for mobile environments where users want to make some music fast. Even non-musicians will quickly be playing their own beats and songs with drums, bass and lead parts. With an incredibly easy-to-use touch interface, Figure offers a huge amount of control with simple gestures. Figure is deceptively deep, facilitating many ways to tweak sounds and parameters—making it entertaining and inspiring to use for a minute or for hours. With major synth power under its hood, powered by Propellerhead’s Reason, Figure sounds phenomenal too.

“In our foray into music making mobile applications we have discovered the interface and operating environment are, of course, different from a computer’s—touch, small screen, earphones, no external input devices, etc. However, mobile users’ aspirations are quite different as well. They desire immediacy, a diversion, to start playing fast and most of all to have fun,” says Ernst Nathorst-Böös, CEO of Propellerhead. “Figure fits those needs, giving people the great sound we’re known for in an extremely engaging way.”

Figure highlights

• Make songs with drums, bass and lead synth

• Play by sliding a finger across the play pad

• Always stay in key and on the beat

• No previous playing skills required

• Tweak and twist tracks on the fly

• Sounding amazing has never been this easy

• The sound of Reason on an iPhone, powered by Kong drum designer and Thor synthesizer

Full product info on Figure can be found at:

Pricing and availability

Figure is available exclusively through the Apple iTunes App Store today for EUR €0.79 / USD $0.99:

I’ll certainly be downloading this!
Please be aware that this is a 1.0 release so if your looking for save and export features they aren’t there but may be added at some point in the future.



Propellerhead Rack Extensions and Figure

So Propellerhead Software revealed something huge at last nights press conference in Frankfurt.
The first announcement was for ‘Figure’. This is an iOS app which will be available shortly and is designed to get musical ideas done whilst on the go.
The BIG announcement Rack Extensions now allows third party developers to create synth or effect plugins of their own design and bring them into the Reason environment. Pretty cool eh??

Here’s the video of the presentation, enjoy. 🙂

What could this mean??

So Propellerhead Software are announcing something big on the 20th of March! What could it be? An iPad version of Reason? A new ReRack system for all developers of VST/AU instrument to develop plugins that work inside of Reason?? iPad or Hardware controllers? Let the speculations begin….


P.S. I personally have my hopes up for a 6.5 release of Reason incorporating the ReRack system. Fingers and toes crossed. 🙂

Apparently Propellerhead Software have now been given the Trademark for Rack Extensions, which is what I suspect they will be unveiling on the 20th. Only one day to go…….

Propellerhead Software will be filming the event so I’ll post a link to the video as soon as I get it!