Editorskeys Dedicated Shortcut Keyboard for Reason


I’ve just received an Editorskeys Reason specific editing Keyboard to check out and review.
If you were not aware of Editorskeys then let me tell you a little bit about the company. Originally Editorskeys made available sets of stickers for specific computer software to overlay and stick on to your existing PC/Mac keyboard to give you shortcut commands most commonly used in your favourite editing software. These sets are still produced of course but there is now a range of custom made keyboards for various audio/video/graphic editing software. They also produce other items such as USB microphones, vocal booths, studio acoustic foam etc. You can check out their other products here:- http://www.editorskeys.com

Anyway onto the review.

The keyboard itself is USB and the cable is a really good length. The front casing is made from aluminium and the base is black plastic. The build quality is really very good and you would expect it to be at its price point.
The keys are low profile and similar to what you would find on Apple Mac keyboards.
One thing you won’t find on these are stickers! All the keys are custom produced and printed with the relevant shortcuts and standard QUERTY lettering.
Editorskeys have worked on these keyboards closely with Propellerhead Software to produce these and you can certainly tell by the quality and the use of the Reason Logo onboard. It certainly is reassuring to see that the new graphic EQ F2 key is there so these have been developed with Reason 7 compatibility straight out of the box.
The shortcuts themselves are colour coded so functions that use the Control key are red and the ones that use the Shift key are black. If like me you forget what key combination does what then you’ll be thankful that you have most if not all the commands at your finger tips. It certainly helps speed things up with productions and is extremely useful without having to refer to a manual to find out a forgotten keyboard shortcut.
They key action itself is very reassuring surprisingly having not used a low profile keyboard before now, and I’ve quickly become accustomed to it.
One thing I would have liked would have been a wireless version. I’m not sure wether Editorskeys have plans to produce wireless ones in the future. I certainly hope that they do.


Now onto the price…

It will retail at £49.99 for the PC version when it’s available(it is also Mac compatible).

There will also be an Apple Mac version available at £89.99 which uses a genuine Apple keyboard.

Initially I thought that this is too much money for just a keyboard with shortcuts on the keys but after looking at the build quality and design I would highly recommend it!
It really does help speed up your workflow!
I would have liked to have seen a wireless and backlit version of the keyboard(for those dark studio nighttime sessions) and maybe a USB hub built in, but maybe we will see something like this in the future.

There is also a very generous 3 year warranty included which shows that this company take pride and believe in their products quality and longevity.

Overall a fantastic product!!


Pros- Quick and easy editing in Reason
Excellent build quality
Attractive design

Cons- not wireless