Novation Bass Station II Remote Map and Codec for Reason


Following on from my previous MiniNova Remote map and Codec for Reason I have also made one for the Bass Station II!

This turns the Bass Station II into a pretty cool MIDI controller.

Controls Always Mapped.png

With this I’ve mapped the most used controls like Filter Frequency/Resonance and also Amp/Filter envelopes to Reasons main synth like Thor/Subtractor etc. I’ve also made the Osc Filter Mod the main Volume for these devices.

note: Most all of the Bass Station II’s controls are also mappable. 😉

You can even control the Faders in the Mixer section using the BS II’s envelope faders(very handy for quick mixing).

The included Remote Map is intended as a start for you set up and control your favourite Reason devices and Rack Extensions so please feel free to use it as you wish.

For details about Remote and where to put the files on your Mac/PC please visit Here

For the Bass Station II Remote Codec and Map click Here


And if you find a use for this and like it,  please feel free to leave a comment.







Techwillsaveus Synth Kit and Korg SQ-1 Sequencer

Page 1

In this short tutorial I will show you how to sequence the Techwillsaveus Synth Kit using very few extra parts and a Korg SQ-1 Sequencer. You can of course use any hardware that outputs a control voltage signal but as the SQ-1 is a good option, so lets get started!


Page 2 top
For this you will need a 3.5mm mono output/ input jack, a couple of wires(I’m using solid core for this as it’s easier to connect to the Synth Kit breadboard). You will also need either a mono or stereo 3.5mm cable to connect the sequencer to the Synth kit.
Page 2 Middle
Solder the mono jack like so. The positive goes to the tip connection and negative to the sleeve connection. If you are unsure of what wire goes where check the Audio Jack tutorial here: https:// It’s the same process.
Page 2 bottom
Once the jack socket is finished connect the negative to pin 3(CV in) on the IC chip and the positive the the power rail.


And to finish….

Now you can connect up the cable from the CV out of the Korg SQ-1 to the jack socket connected to the Synth Kit. Connect the battery on the Synth Kit and power on the SQ-1 and you now have a sequenced synth! By using a set up like this you can easily integrate the Synth Kit with other things like drum machines and other hardware, and it’ll all keep in time too!!


Page 3.png


You can fin more details on the Korg SQ-1 Here

Find out more about the Techwillsaveus Synth Kit Here


TxK for Playstation Vita

Llamasoft this week are releasing their first game for the Playstation Vita. TxK is based on an old retro game called Tempest where you basically shoot your enemy on a simple 3D vector playing field.
The Vita remake looks fantastic and what is also great is that the soundtrack is awesome. I may be a bit biased as I provided two tracks ‘Trance One’ and ‘Space Flight’ for it but the other tracks are so damn good too!

Here’s a screenshot provided buy a fellow moosician(as I don’t have a Vita)


This was a fantastic opportunity for me and thanks go to Jeff Minter and the llamasoft team for bringing a great game to the Playstation Vita.

We have also now released the Original Soundtrack on Bandcamp.

Propellerheads Figure released

Propellerheads Figure is now in the AppStore!!

From the press release:-

Figure for iOS is designed from the ground up for mobile environments where users want to make some music fast. Even non-musicians will quickly be playing their own beats and songs with drums, bass and lead parts. With an incredibly easy-to-use touch interface, Figure offers a huge amount of control with simple gestures. Figure is deceptively deep, facilitating many ways to tweak sounds and parameters—making it entertaining and inspiring to use for a minute or for hours. With major synth power under its hood, powered by Propellerhead’s Reason, Figure sounds phenomenal too.

“In our foray into music making mobile applications we have discovered the interface and operating environment are, of course, different from a computer’s—touch, small screen, earphones, no external input devices, etc. However, mobile users’ aspirations are quite different as well. They desire immediacy, a diversion, to start playing fast and most of all to have fun,” says Ernst Nathorst-Böös, CEO of Propellerhead. “Figure fits those needs, giving people the great sound we’re known for in an extremely engaging way.”

Figure highlights

• Make songs with drums, bass and lead synth

• Play by sliding a finger across the play pad

• Always stay in key and on the beat

• No previous playing skills required

• Tweak and twist tracks on the fly

• Sounding amazing has never been this easy

• The sound of Reason on an iPhone, powered by Kong drum designer and Thor synthesizer

Full product info on Figure can be found at:

Pricing and availability

Figure is available exclusively through the Apple iTunes App Store today for EUR €0.79 / USD $0.99:

I’ll certainly be downloading this!
Please be aware that this is a 1.0 release so if your looking for save and export features they aren’t there but may be added at some point in the future.



Propellerhead Masterclass Brighton


I visited the Propellerhead Software Masterclass last night in Brighton. It was a good 2 hours long and filled with information about the new Balance audio interface and new features of Reason 6. Mattias from the props went into great detail about how Balance was developed for ease of use and simple connectivity for recording anything you wish be it vocals, guitars or any audio signal. Balance itself is a quite small and beautifully designed USB device that has 2 in 2 out audio but has ample connections on the back to get those audio signals in. More details can be found Here
One cool feature is the Clip safe button which would be a god send to anyone in the recording environment.
He then went into detail about the new effect devices Pulveriser, The Echo, and Alligator. You can read all about them Here


Gary Bromham took the reigns for the next hour(he over ran slightly). He took everybody through the SSL based mixer and mixing techniques that he uses to obtain a finished track in Reason 6. There’s a 70+ minute video online featuring Gary talking through the Mixer and his way of working. I strongly recommend giving it a watch.

There’s still a few events available to go to and I’d highly recommend any one to sign up for one of the free events. Masterclass link.


P.S. I also got one of these:-


Autumn meet up

I had the pleasure of having lunch and chat with Adam Fielding and Tom Pritchard(aka Stompp) last week. For those of you that don’t know, Adam is a very talented musician/songwriter from Huddersfield who has recently been signed to Distinctive Records(Hybrid/Way Out West/General Midi) and Tom is a Sound Designer and musician.
Anyway, I had a fantastic time chatting about music and geeky stuff and was lucky enough to be able to check out a new Reason Refill that Tom is releasing in the not too distant future. All I can say about it is that what I heard was AWESOME!
Adam is beavering away at his third Album at the moment and also working on a guitar and synth based production album for film/TV/games.
Go check the links for Adam and Toms Websites!