So, what do I do??

I love music! I write music, I love anything to do with synthesisers, and basically any thing that makes any kind of musical noise.

Starting out in the 80’s I got heavily into listening to New Order, Depeche Mode and quite a few electronic artists. Having quite a passion for electronic music I learned how to play the keyboard by ear. I would sit down with my Yamaha SY synth and try to copy anything that struck my interest. This expanded into writing my own music. I tried to come up with my own unique style and sound and so I came up with the name TONAL AXiS.
I’ve worked with various VST companies over the years providing quality music demos for their products, Rob Papen, LinPlug and Mackie(Tracktion) to name but a few.
I’ve also found the ideal music software for my needs in Propellerheads Reason and have provided demos for Nucleus Soundlabs Refills in the process.

There are a few remixes by myself kicking around on the internet too and I have various tracks available for licensing so if you need any music for TV/Film or Game/Web use please feel free to contact me.

If you have a product you’d like tested/reviewed I’m more than happy to find time for that too. šŸ™‚


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