Synths and Wood Novation Circuit stand.

Synths and Wood are a small UK based company providing some excellent ‘hand made’ wooden stands and end cheeks for a growing range of studio hardware. 
They’ve kindly sent me a freshly made stand for the Novation Circuit to try out for size. 

The kit itself comprises of only a couple of oak(yes real wood!) sides and an MDF base, four screws and some clear rubber stick on feet to stop the unit sliding around. 

Building the case is really simple, you just need a flat surface to make sure everything is flat and square. Once the sides are on and you have placed the Circuit in and tightened the screws a bit more(to hold the unit in place) it really looks the part. 

Mike from Synths and Wood has designed the stand so that it puts the Circuit at a really nice angle, a bonus(and unintentional I believe) feature is that if you use Circuit with just the internal speaker the sound seems a lot clearer to my ears. 

So, overall these are beautiful hand built stands. The angle the Circuit sits at is perfect for desktop use and the oak sides give it a really pleasing look. 
Synths and Wood have a growing number of stands and cheeks for numerous products and they are also open to custom work for any type of studio gear. So if you want to give your gear a bit of style and polish some wood every now and then I would recommend paying them a visit here.
Here is also a Mininova with custom walnut end cheeks also from Synths and Wood. The originals are just MDF with a wood grain sticker on. 


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