MiniAtmegatron and iOS

In my exploration with what the MiniAtmegatron from Soulsby Synths can do I decided to try hooking it up with my iPhone via CCK(camera connection kit).

As the MIDI hacked Arduino is class compliant I wondered if it would work with iOS and I’m happy to say that it does! And as the this little 8bit wondersynth can be powered over USB the iPhone actually powers it too. 

This opens up various ways that you can use the MiniAtmegatron of course. Apps such as Little MIDI Machine can sequence it, you can use TouchOSC and it’s built in ‘Keys’ template to play it and if you make your own templates you can also control the MiniAtmegatron’s controls via MIDI CC(from the list available at the Soulsby downloads page). Other cool things you can do are sync it with other music apps(sequencers etc) because it responds to MIDI clock too. 

You could also use the Korg Synckontrol app alongside the MiniAtmegatron and the Korg Volcas/monotribe which should be possible(haven’t tried this yet but will do). 

So, if you have a MiniAtmegatron or are thinking of getting one then I recommend you try it with your iPhone/iPad. 


Here’s a link to the TouchOSC iPhone editor I created:-

I’ve added two pages going over the functions from the quick guide available at the Soulsby website.


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