Alesis Recital 88-Key Digital Piano

Alesis Recital Digital Piano review.
It’s not very often that I can say that I am pleasantly surprised by any product but with the Alesis Recital Digital Piano I am very impressed.

Upon opening and removing the Recital from its packaging and setting up with the supplied power adapter(it even takes batteries) all I can say is WOW, very nice!! 

If you want an easy to use digital piano then for the price this is a very good option. 

It has an 88-key, semi-weighted keyboard which although not on par with more expensive digital pianos it feels great to play and would suit anyone who wants to jump in and learn to play piano. 

Also included in the pack is a 3 month Skoove Premium Subscription(an online teaching course) which is great to get you started.

There are quite a wealth of features on the Recital which I see as being useful for any user be it a beginner right up to a pro user who wants a no fuss keyboard to use in the studio. 

It has stereo RCA outputs to connect to your external speakers, a sustain pedal input and USB MIDI connector for linking up to your favourite music software on your PC/Mac or even iPad(which you can see pictured running GarageBand).

The internal 20 watt speakers also sound great and don’t distort at high volumes and although they aren’t overly loud they are adequately suitable for playing in a small/medium room setting.

The speaker output is also cut out when you use the headphone output socket. It would have been nice if there were two headphone outputs for teaching but this would be easily solved by using a headphone splitter jack on the output.
The piano sound(although only one type of acoustic piano) is really nice and in full sounding stereo 

(low notes on left up to highs on the right) and having a polyphony of 128 notes you certainly won’t get any note stealing here. 

There are other sounds onboard(Electric Piano/Organ/Synth/Bass) and it also has a nice mode to layer two sounds and also split mode so you can play say a bass in the lower half of the keyboard and a piano in the top half. 

I do have one small complaint though, there is no Strings type sound to layer in with the Piano but that’s just me though(I’m a sucker for Piano/String combinations). 
There is also a cool Lesson mode that splits the keyboard range in two with the same notes/pitch so that two people can play along with each other side by side. 

This would certainly be a great keyboard for the school music room. 
All of the main sounds and options are accessed via the nicely lit blue buttons on the top panel along with a reverb and chorus to add to your overall sound. 

You can also access more advanced features on the Recital by holding down the Metronome and Teaching buttons and by pressing the relevant keyboard key(as detailed in the supplied manual). 

These features are things like the Click an Resonance of the pedal sound, the Velocity envelope of the keyboard, MIDI channel, Reverb/Chorus level, Metronome tempo and many more(described in the manual)…  
So, the Alesis Recital is a nicely built and featured Digital Piano for anyone looking at learning to play but also a nice addition for anyone that wants a no fuss 88-key keyboard to add to their studio. 

It won’t stand up to the more fully featured more expensive ones on the market but I highly recommend this for anyone who wants a low cost starter Digital Piano. And to be very honest it is really a steal at below the £300 price point!

Nice one Alesis, very impressive at an affordable price!! 


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