Techwillsaveus Synth Kit and Korg SQ-1 Sequencer

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In this short tutorial I will show you how to sequence the Techwillsaveus Synth Kit using very few extra parts and a Korg SQ-1 Sequencer. You can of course use any hardware that outputs a control voltage signal but as the SQ-1 is a good option, so lets get started!


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For this you will need a 3.5mm mono output/ input jack, a couple of wires(I’m using solid core for this as it’s easier to connect to the Synth Kit breadboard). You will also need either a mono or stereo 3.5mm cable to connect the sequencer to the Synth kit.
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Solder the mono jack like so. The positive goes to the tip connection and negative to the sleeve connection. If you are unsure of what wire goes where check the Audio Jack tutorial here: https:// It’s the same process.
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Once the jack socket is finished connect the negative to pin 3(CV in) on the IC chip and the positive the the power rail.


And to finish….

Now you can connect up the cable from the CV out of the Korg SQ-1 to the jack socket connected to the Synth Kit. Connect the battery on the Synth Kit and power on the SQ-1 and you now have a sequenced synth! By using a set up like this you can easily integrate the Synth Kit with other things like drum machines and other hardware, and it’ll all keep in time too!!


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You can fin more details on the Korg SQ-1 Here

Find out more about the Techwillsaveus Synth Kit Here



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