Filter Research 3 Released


It’s been a good week so far for Reason 6 releases.
Today my friends at Nucleus Soundlab have released Filter Research 3. This is an effect Refill for use in Reason 6 and upwards.

I have the previous versions and I must say that I was hoping for a third instalment that utilised the newer effects from the Reason 6 rack.

200 effect Combinators included.
6 Epic Combinators – including 60+ minutes of HD video documentation.
Each patch uses a at least one new Reason 6 effect device – Pulveriser, The Echo and Alligator.
Each Combinator has all 4 rotaries/buttons uniquely assigned – as well as the Pitch-Bend/Modwheel.
All Combinators created from scratch.
130+ page PDF manual describing each Combinator in-depth.
Requires Reason 6+.

As you can see from the specs this is going to be a fantastic addition to Reason 6+ and there’s also an included 60+ minute HD video to show just what this Refill is capable of.

Visit Nucleus Soundlabfor more details and pricing.

Psst there’s a competition to win FR3 over on the NSL Facebook or Twitter at the moment. 😉


2 thoughts on “Filter Research 3 Released

  1. Wow. Richard… This is fantastic stuff… There’s so many resources out there for reason… Keep it coming! I went and bought Jeremy’s filter research 3… (-:

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