IK multimedia iRig MIX

IK multimedia have just announced a new product at CES.
The iRig MIX is a compact mixer for DJ’s and musicians that allows you to connect your iDevices and then sync them together using their DJ app(coming soon) and many other apps from the appstore. It’s not just for budding DJ’s though, it also has inputs for guitars and mics so any musician can use it with their Vocalive and Amplitube apps too!

Here’s the introductory video

More details about the iRig MIX are on IK’s website Here



2 thoughts on “IK multimedia iRig MIX

  1. Did you check out the video with the dude scratching with DJ Rig on 2 iPads and an iRig MIX? This is off the hook. Can’t wait to drop some bass with this.

    1. Hi James, yes I did see it! I can’t see myself owning two iPads at any time soon though let alone one. However I like the fact that there’s lots of connectivity possibilities with one of these. 😉

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