Propellerhead Masterclass Brighton


I visited the Propellerhead Software Masterclass last night in Brighton. It was a good 2 hours long and filled with information about the new Balance audio interface and new features of Reason 6. Mattias from the props went into great detail about how Balance was developed for ease of use and simple connectivity for recording anything you wish be it vocals, guitars or any audio signal. Balance itself is a quite small and beautifully designed USB device that has 2 in 2 out audio but has ample connections on the back to get those audio signals in. More details can be found Here
One cool feature is the Clip safe button which would be a god send to anyone in the recording environment.
He then went into detail about the new effect devices Pulveriser, The Echo, and Alligator. You can read all about them Here


Gary Bromham took the reigns for the next hour(he over ran slightly). He took everybody through the SSL based mixer and mixing techniques that he uses to obtain a finished track in Reason 6. There’s a 70+ minute video online featuring Gary talking through the Mixer and his way of working. I strongly recommend giving it a watch.

There’s still a few events available to go to and I’d highly recommend any one to sign up for one of the free events. Masterclass link.


P.S. I also got one of these:-



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